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The drug monographs and practice recommendations contained in this reference reflect the current practices at BC Children's and Women's Hospitals (C&W). Drug information evolves constantly as a result of ongoing research and clinical experience. It is subject to interpretation. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of drug dosages and scheduling information. It is the responsibility of the prescriber to evaluate the appropriateness of a particular recommendation in each situation. The information and dosage guidelines reflect the general practice guidelines at C&W which is a tertiary care and teaching hospital, and may not be suitable for all settings in which children may be treated. This reference is intended for medical personnel familiar with pediatric treatment. Other references should be consulted if you are unfamiliar with the drug or disease. The authors, editors, reviewers, contributors and publishers cannot be held responsible for the continued currency of the information or for any errors, omissions or for how this information is applied to individual patients.