About the C&W Online Formulary

The BC Children's and Women's Hospital (C&W) Online Formulary was developed by staff in the Pharmacy and Intensive Care Unit to provide an accessible source of medication information for staff at C & W.

Information for the Online Formulary was taken from "Pediatric Drug Dosage Guidelines", 7th Edition, Editor: Roberta Esau BSc (Pharm.), under the direction of the C & W Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Nutrition Committee.

The online application was developed by Dr. Brenda Law, Pediatric Resident in the Department of Pediatrics, UBC, with the support of the Dr. David Wensley in the ICU.

For information or comments please email: info@pedmed.org


The 7th edition of the B.C. Children's Hospital Pediatric Drug Dosage Guidelines is fully updated and revised thanks to the many pharmacists and physicians who contributed their time and expertise to this enterprise. Many new monographs have been added and several have been deleted, due either to obsolescence or unavailability.

The drug monographs and practice recommendations contained in this book reflect the current practices at B.C.C.H. Drug information evolves constantly as a result of ongoing research and clinical experience. It is subject to interpretation. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of drug dosages and scheduling information. It is the responsibility of the prescriber to evaluate the appropriateness of a particular recommendation in each situation. The information and dosage guidelines reflect the general practice guidelines at B.C.C.H. which is a tertiary care and teaching hospital, and may not be suitable for all settings in which children may be treated. This book is intended as a quick reference for medical personnel familiar with pediatric treatment. Other references should be consulted if you are unfamiliar with the drug or disease. The authors, editors, reviewers, contributors and publishers cannot be responsible for the continued currency of the information or for any errors, omissions or for how this information is applied to individual patients.

The editor wishes to thank all the pharmacists and physicians who wrote, revised, reviewed or otherwise contributed to this 7th edition; their time and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

The dosing handbook was started in 1993 with a grant from the Children's Miracle Network Telethon and has been more or less self-sustaining ever since. It has been my pleasure (and burden, frustration, albatross, etc) to edit the book since its inception but this will be my last edition as editor as I head into retirement. It has been a privilege to work with the many contributors who gave generously of their time and expertise to maintain the quality of this publication.

Previous Editions:
First Edition: 1993
Second Edition: 1995/96
Third Edition: 1999/2000
Fourth Edition: 2002/2003
Fifth Edition: 2006/2007
Sixth Edition: 2011
Sixth Edition 2nd printing 2013
Seventh Edition: 2018

Ms. Roberta Esau, Editor and Dr. Ran Goldman, Chairperson, Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Nutrition Committee.

Copyright 2018 by the Department of Pharmacy
Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of:

Department of Pharmacy
Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3V4


The following individuals provided valuable assistance in the preparation and review of this publication and their input is gratefully acknowledged.

Dr. Roxane Carr Ms. Kathleen Collin
Ms. Eva Cho Ms. Alicia Christopher
Dr. Dean Elbe Mr. Lawrence Hahn
Dr. Katie Haubrich Ms. Sharon Ho
Dr. Jennifer Kendrick Ms. Alison MacDonald
Mr. Al McDougal Dr. Karen Ng
Ms. Karin Ng Ms. Charmaine Ngo
Dr. Vanessa Paquette Ms. Joanie Shew
Dr. Jason Tan Ms. Stacey Tkachuk
Ms. Elaine Wong Ms. Sandra Yin
Medical Staff
Dr. S. Amed Dr. Tyler Black
Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen Dr. Linda Casey
Dr. J.P. Chanoine Dr. J. Chen
Dr. M. Chilvers Dr. J. Davis
Dr. J. Dionne Dr. S. Gantt
Dr. Sim Grewal Dr. Orlee Guttman
Dr. J. Halparin Dr. K. Houghton
Dr. M. Hosking Dr. L. Huh
Dr. Derek Human Dr. B. Hursch
Dr. K. Jacobsen Dr. F. Kozak
Dr. G. Lauder Dr. S. Lawrence
Dr. C. Lyons Dr. D. Matsell
Dr. D. Metzger Dr. A. Michoulas
Dr. S. Murthy Dr. D. Panagiotopoulos
Dr. Michelle Pinto Dr. J. Prendeville
Dr. A. Roberts Dr. R. Rothstein
Dr. Ramona Salvarinova Dr. S. Sanatani
Dr. Libby Sherwin Dr. H. Siden
Dr. L. Steward Dr. S. Stockler
Dr. C. Strahlendorf Dr. N. Todd
Dr. M. Virji Dr. C. Yang
Dr. C. Yang Dr. J. Wu

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